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Personal Injury Settlement

Do I have to pay taxes on a CD if the money invested is from a personal injury settlement?

personal injury
Felipe G asked:

I recently recieved my settlement for a job related injury and would like to invest my money in a CD. Would i have to pay taxes on the interest earned on this investment?

Do I pay taxes on a personal injury settlement?

personal injury
tami_leigh asked:

I received a settlement check from an insurance company due to a motorcycle accident. Do I need to report this for taxes?

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How much can my sister expect for her personal injury settlement?

personal injury
Lori asked:

She sustained a knee and elbow injury. As a result of the injury she had arthroscopic knee surgery. She is currently attending physical therapy 3x a week.

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What is considered a good personal injury settlement?

personal injury
Chris asked:

This was for injury from a car accident in Illinois. I was once told that a good settlement was 1.5x your medical bills. I’m looking for an “adaptable” estimate like the one above as the amount of injury can vary greatly and the medical bills are a good indication of that.

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Do you have to report Tax-free money received in Personal Injury Settlement?

personal injury
Peg G asked:

I received some tax free money in a Personal Injury Settlement. Does it still have to be reported when filing your Taxes? The State is Idaho.

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Is it true, the longer a personal injury settlement goes, the more the settlement is worth?

personal injury
James R asked:

I was in a car accident back in 2005 and it cause me to have a lot of neck and back. I did everything from physical therapy to MRIs. So I just wanted to get a little advice from other people who went through with some sort injury. I have a court coming up soon. I just wanted to know if there is something to look forward to.

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how does a personal injury settlement work?

personal injury
oshunboi asked:

After a settlement has been established… who is to be paid first and how long should that take? Does the injured party have to wait for all doctors and other parties to be paid first?

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