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Personal Injury Case

What is a major personal injury law firm in Boston, Massachusetts?

personal injury
johnsonf62 asked:

Looking at different law firms in the Boston area to help with a personal injury case I have. The firms name, phone number, and website would be perfect.

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How long does a personal injury case, against an insurance company take to settle once filed, in Connecticut?

personal injury
clarkdellis asked:

I personal injury case was filed in Sept 05, against homeowners inusurance. Currently, a status conference is scheduled for Feb. 2007. Other parties were implicated by defendent, but they were rulled not liable in April 2006, and a motion of default was granted against defendent. Currently, the last motion is “trial list” in Sept. 2006

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What is a personal injury case worth?

personal injury
tayannunn@sbcglobal.net asked:

I had an on the job injury and then a total knee replacement, because of it. What should a case like this be worth?

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do married couples have to pay the same fees in a personal injury case?

personal injury
mikeslady06 asked:

i was in a accident and my case i s coming to a close. my lawyer said that we have to pay seperate fees for both cases. cant we work out a deal?

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How do you collect money you are awarded in personal injury case if the person owing is broke or in jail?

personal injury
Vessy asked:

I was awarded a pretty large amount of money in the personal injury case. However, the persons that now need to pay that money to me are either in jail, or broke (possible bancrupcy declaration). I am wondering if there are good settlement lawyers, or financial companies that are willing to buy the judgement from me, and really how the whole process works. Please let me know in case you know anything, or you have had a similar situation happen to you.


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What is the Statute of Limitations law for a personal injury case in the country Jamaica?

personal injury
Wendy Sondericker asked:

Is the law for the Statute of Limitaions a year or is it longer to file a personal injury case on the island and country of Jamaica?

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In a personal injury case, are medical lien holders entitled money if the settlement is awarded as pain/suffer

personal injury
www.lendersgreen.com asked:

Are medical lien holders allowed to take the money that is awarded or settled as pain and suffering compensation in a personal injury case.

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How would I find the Lawyer that handled a personal injury case for me in 1978?

personal injury
Wanda B asked:

I received a broken jaw from the accident and was a minor so the case was never closed I am 44 yrs. of age now and I’m having problems from this how would I find The lawyer that handled my case?

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Claiming wage loss/medical on income tax from personal injury case?

personal injury
IAMGODD asked:

In a motor vehicle accident, I received a settlement for personal injury. Is the portion that is noted as wage loss/medical to be claimed on my income taxes as other income? Is it the full amount and what documents do I attach to support it?

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How long does it take to get a personal injury case in court?

personal injury
NJKid asked:

I was wondering about how long would it take to see a personal injury case in court? Some people have to wait like 3 years in very big cities. I live in a small town that has a population of 5300 people, the county all together have about 39000 people. ABout how long would a person have to wait living in my area?

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