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Is personal injury settlement considered in divorce in California?

personal injury
mzrozwilliams365 asked:

I have been fighting a personal injury lawsuit for over 3 years and if I file for divorce is my husband entitled to my money?

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How does a Personal Injury attorney calculate money for me?

personal injury
pepper asked:

I am disabled from a different injury aside from the one mentioned here and currently receiving benifits for that injury. So what should I expect?

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What is the average (or percent) lawyers usually take out in contigency fees in a personal injury case? ?

personal injury
G G asked:

I’m in California. There are some law firms that will handle personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis (e.g. they only get money if you win a settlement). Does anyone know the average percent or fee they take out?

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In a personal injury case, are medical lien holders entitled money if the settlement is awarded as pain/suffer

personal injury
www.lendersgreen.com asked:

Are medical lien holders allowed to take the money that is awarded or settled as pain and suffering compensation in a personal injury case.

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