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Insurance Money

Personal injury?

personal injury
mdjgirl7 asked:

I bumped a person with my car in a parking lot accidently. He did not fall down or anything and he said he thought he was going to be ok but he said I did hurt his knee some but he walked off just fine. We did not file a police report. He went to see his regular doctor now he is seeing a specialist. I am thinking his regular doctor did not see it and is sending him on to someone else. I think he is digging for money.
The injury he is claiming would have been very painful and he was so not hurt like that he did not even drop what he was carrying. What do I do to protect myself from a scammer? This happened in Alabama
I have contacted my insurance company the day it happened but he has not contacted them yet.
I do not mean to imply that it is not my fault nor would I ever give him money that is why I have insurance. I am just hate for somebody to take insurance money if they are not turly injured
I know my insurance will go up and for what because somebody wants to scam the system because they can that stinks I think.