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Anybody know anything about personal injury lawsuits in car accidents that could help me?

personal injury
TelomereGuru asked:

My husband is getting sued in Florida for personal injury because he rear-ended someone 4 years ago and the statute of limitations is up. The guy he rear-ended was walking and looked perfectly fine after the accident, though he went to the hospital to get checked out later. He didn’t take any money from the insurance company after the accident, but got a lawyer and reserved his right to sue. The limits of liability on bodily injury on my husband’s old policy was $50,000. I know nobody on here can give official legal advice, but is it likely that we’ll have to pay in something too? The insurance company is standing up for us in settlement/court. We have negative assets because we’re graduate students and we’re renting, plus my husband has student loans. We’re just wondering what’s the worst we can expect.

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