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Law & Ethics

What is your opinion of personal injury and civil attorneys?

personal injury
Robert G asked:

Do they provide a valuable and neccessary service to society, or are they slip and fall hacks who will sue anyone for any reason to make a buck?

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what is the statue of limitation for personal injury in Canada, Vancouver, BC?

personal injury
buddhaloc asked:

We were rear-ended in an accident in Vancouver, BC. The car was determined totaled and we were reimbursted for the fair value of the car. There were total 4 passengers in the car, two of which have already settled with the Canada insurance company, however the other two sustained more serious injury, therefore still continuing their treatment. At this moment, we do not have an attorney representing us because ICBC appears to be responsible in admitting their client’s fault. However, just want to be on the safe side, I was wondering what is the statue of limitation for personal injury in Canada, Vancouver, BC? Please help or provide suggestions, just in case the Canada insurance company all of a sudden decide to act bad faithly after statue of limitaion kicks in.

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If you were involved in an accident and wanted to sue, would it be better to NOT get a personal injury lawyer?

personal injury
libra23 asked:

I’m just asking because I know that personal injury lawyers have kind of bad reputations now….and I see them advertising a lot on t.v., billboards, radio, etc. I was just wondering if having a personal injury lawyer would actually do a person more harm than good in a court? Also, do lawyers specializing in personal injury have to go through as much schooling and have as much education, as any other type of lawyer? If so, what’s so bad about wanting to help people that have been injured or hurt in an accident rather than helping someone convicted of some kind of crime?

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What is a personal injury case worth?

personal injury
tayannunn@sbcglobal.net asked:

I had an on the job injury and then a total knee replacement, because of it. What should a case like this be worth?

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Where can I find a personal injury realease form?

personal injury
TennisFanatic asked:

I am starting a tennis class and I wanted to know where I could get personal injury release forms.

I don’t want to get sued if someone twists an ankle which happens in sports.

Thank you for your help.

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do married couples have to pay the same fees in a personal injury case?

personal injury
mikeslady06 asked:

i was in a accident and my case i s coming to a close. my lawyer said that we have to pay seperate fees for both cases. cant we work out a deal?

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how long for a personal injury trial?

personal injury
impreshun asked:

im involved as a plaintiff in a personal injury trial, complex case but lawyer says its 100% in my favor as i was a passenger and they already claimed responsibilty. now its going to court for the monetary amount to be decided and the lawyers have set a very high amount. whats the likelyhood in your opinion that i would get the full amount? and also how long does a trial last?

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What do you think about a personal injury lawyer endangering tens if not hundreds of people?

personal injury
plezurgui asked:

This fellow Andrew Speaker ignored medical advice and flew to Europe, then while there finds out that he is really contagious with a very dangerous form of TB.
Is this about what you would expect out of a Trial Lawyer?


What is considered a good personal injury settlement?

personal injury
Chris asked:

This was for injury from a car accident in Illinois. I was once told that a good settlement was 1.5x your medical bills. I’m looking for an “adaptable” estimate like the one above as the amount of injury can vary greatly and the medical bills are a good indication of that.

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How do you find out if someone won a personal injury lawsuit?

personal injury
spectacular asked:

My daughters father had a back injury at work, and I know he filed a lawsuit, how do I find out. I can’t ask him because he has skipped out on us, but people around town has seen him with new cars and lots of money. I know he also does illegal things.

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