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Law & Ethics

What is a major personal injury law firm in Boston, Massachusetts?

personal injury
johnsonf62 asked:

Looking at different law firms in the Boston area to help with a personal injury case I have. The firms name, phone number, and website would be perfect.

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What is the statue of limitations on a personal injury / medical malpractice case in California?

personal injury
PhiloftheFuture asked:

I was told that it is 4 years from the date of injury?
So is that the date that it happened, or the date that the injury from what happened set in ?

Also someone else said that, it is the above OR the date that you became aware of the event, or the injury ?

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How much do my personal injury worth?

personal injury
Alika asked:

I have $339,995.00 in medical expenses and $260,000.00 in lost wages. I still have hardwares on my body. I have visible scare tissue on my body. I have Chronic Pain. I have disfigurement. Pain and suffering from 6 different surgeries.
I was injured when 1850 lbs of equipment fell on me, breaking my left foot, right shoulder.

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Can anyone recommend a good personal injury lawyer in New York City?

personal injury
wrathpuppet asked:

I see ads for Mark E. Salamone and Morgan and a bunch of other lawyers on the subway, but I’m wondering if anyone has any information on how these guys and their ilk operate. Are they all talk or do they really get results?

So, how do I find the best personal injury lawyer in New York City?

I realize that this may belong in “local businesses,” but my experience has been that those categories are often ignored, and maybe here it will be seen by some actual lawyers.

Thank you.

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are personal injury lawyers required to send information to another lawyer if i ask them?

personal injury
mitch d asked:

I had a personal injury lawyer but now i am going to use a new one. Does my old lawyer have to give him all the information regarding my case or can he say no?

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I was attacked and wish to file a personal injury lawsuit. What is the proper x-ray/medical procedure?

personal injury
Jesse A asked:

Someone who almost hit me in traffic today followed me to work and, after a confrontation, forcefully shoved down on my shoulders from behind as I started to walk away, causing radiating back pain that has lasted several hours now.


If you sue a company for personal injury, can they legally fire you?

personal injury
BGrimey asked:

I was recently injured at my job due to equipment failure. The accident resulted in a fractured elbow therefore I`am off work for several weeks. I have obtained a lawyer and he is working to reach a settlement. Anyway, can the company fire me for seeking suing them?

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In a lawsuit settlement for personal injury and harrasment done by a co worker?

personal injury
ARTmom asked:

Does one pay taxes on injury settlements? (California) and how do settlements pay out? Through a third party? Through time? Or is that part of particular determination in each case- Workplace verbal, physical harrassment and job threats etc—

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If the opposing party in a personal injury wants to settle are they taking blame in a personal injury CASE?

personal injury
Jay asked:

In a personal injury case?

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Anybody know anything about personal injury lawsuits in car accidents that could help me?

personal injury
TelomereGuru asked:

My husband is getting sued in Florida for personal injury because he rear-ended someone 4 years ago and the statute of limitations is up. The guy he rear-ended was walking and looked perfectly fine after the accident, though he went to the hospital to get checked out later. He didn’t take any money from the insurance company after the accident, but got a lawyer and reserved his right to sue. The limits of liability on bodily injury on my husband’s old policy was $50,000. I know nobody on here can give official legal advice, but is it likely that we’ll have to pay in something too? The insurance company is standing up for us in settlement/court. We have negative assets because we’re graduate students and we’re renting, plus my husband has student loans. We’re just wondering what’s the worst we can expect.

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