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Are personal injury settlements taxable by the government?

personal injury
deerkiller69ro asked:

My sister recieved a large settlement for personal injury. But I didn’t know if it was taxable.

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are personal injury lawyers required to send information to another lawyer if i ask them?

personal injury
mitch d asked:

I had a personal injury lawyer but now i am going to use a new one. Does my old lawyer have to give him all the information regarding my case or can he say no?

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I was attacked and wish to file a personal injury lawsuit. What is the proper x-ray/medical procedure?

personal injury
Jesse A asked:

Someone who almost hit me in traffic today followed me to work and, after a confrontation, forcefully shoved down on my shoulders from behind as I started to walk away, causing radiating back pain that has lasted several hours now.


Do I have to pay taxes on a CD if the money invested is from a personal injury settlement?

personal injury
Felipe G asked:

I recently recieved my settlement for a job related injury and would like to invest my money in a CD. Would i have to pay taxes on the interest earned on this investment?

If you sue a company for personal injury, can they legally fire you?

personal injury
BGrimey asked:

I was recently injured at my job due to equipment failure. The accident resulted in a fractured elbow therefore I`am off work for several weeks. I have obtained a lawyer and he is working to reach a settlement. Anyway, can the company fire me for seeking suing them?

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How much can I expect for my personal injury settlement?

personal injury
lilmrsellis asked:

I was in a car accident (I was stopped and a girl hit me at full speed). I sustained a back injury. I had severe pain and have seen a chiropractor 3 times a week for one month and 2 times a week for one month. It is finally starting to get better (though there are certain ways I sit it still hurts). I was just wondering if anyone can tell me a rough idea of how much to expect in a settlement.

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Is personal injury settlement considered in divorce in California?

personal injury
mzrozwilliams365 asked:

I have been fighting a personal injury lawsuit for over 3 years and if I file for divorce is my husband entitled to my money?

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How does a Personal Injury attorney calculate money for me?

personal injury
pepper asked:

I am disabled from a different injury aside from the one mentioned here and currently receiving benifits for that injury. So what should I expect?

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Is a wage continuance from a personal injury considered an income?

personal injury
sexy_maria_bonita asked:

my husband had an accident and we lost all benefits and income We now receive wage continuance from auto insurance. (that is non taxable) Does this qualify us for government assistance with out reporting this as income? Or is this considered income?

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In a lawsuit settlement for personal injury and harrasment done by a co worker?

personal injury
ARTmom asked:

Does one pay taxes on injury settlements? (California) and how do settlements pay out? Through a third party? Through time? Or is that part of particular determination in each case- Workplace verbal, physical harrassment and job threats etc—

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