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Learn How to Get Out of Personal Injury Debt

An injury caused by accident takes huge toll from the victim by making him physically wreaked and financially exhausted. Though physical injury may recover soon but financial blow affects a deep scar on you that takes time to recover.  In time of emergency we hardly think about our financial future. We rush towards anybody who is ready to extend us some monetary help. Therefore, in many cases we are forced to incur huge medical debt. Later when interest piles up with the principal, we find it harder to get away with it. However, if this is your present situation, you can take the help of a debt settlement attorney to manage your personal injury debt. Though, I will recommend you to first consult with the consumer debt counseling agency.



A non-profit agency will be ideal option for you in time of dire need. Their special unit may help you with some medical bill repayment options or guidelines so that you can combat your situation confidently.



It is always preferable if you can bring your creditor on a negotiation to reduce your debt. In this regard you have to be a proactive in dealing your situation. You should let your creditor know about your financial hardship. You can request him that you are in a tight condition and you would like to pay reduced amount every month. Otherwise, you can ask him to prolong the time of your due date of monthly payment. Your creditor will most probably appreciate your willingness and co-operation. This way, you can settle your medical debt by yourself if you do not enroll in a debt settlement company.



You can also contact IRS to get tax deduction if your debt amount exceeds 7.5% of your gross income. To get that benefit you have to itemize that amount in your tax return form.



In this time you must look every affordable option to minimize your medical expense. You can attend the doctors of medical hospitals where you can have treatment at a low or no cost. This way, you can continue regular compulsory medical checkup as required after any major operation.


Bicycle Accident Personal Injury Lawyer

Bicycle Accident Personal Injury Lawyer


Bicycle accidents involving a motor vehicle most frequently occur due to a fault on the vehicle driver’s side.  They account for nearly seventy five percent of all fatalities involving bicycle accidents.  Common accidents involving bicycles and motor vehicles include the vehicle turning in front of a bicycle, failing to yield to a bicycle, an intoxicated driver, or not watching the road properly.  If you are involved in a bicycle accident caused by the negligence of another driver, you may have cause to take action against the vehicle driver or their insurance.


If the driver called their insurance company to report the accident, chances are their legal team is already starting to compile data in the event of a lawsuit.  The insurance company wants to reduce the amount of money that will need to be paid and they will aggressively attempt to acquire any evidence in their favor.  Because of this, it is important to seek counsel from a qualified attorney as soon as possible.


An attorney who is experienced in these cases can help protect your rights and get you the proper care that is expected and deserved in such an instance.  Refer any calls or questions to your attorney to handle.  Do not speak to the insurance company or give statements without your attorney present.  In addition, do not accept any settlement or sign any paperwork without your attorney reviewing it.


An insurance company may push to settle a case quickly with a lump sum payment but will also require you to sign a waiver stating that you relinquish all rights to pursue further action against them.  If you are in a minor accident where you have not sustained serious injury, this may be acceptable.  You can put the accident behind you, get any medical bills taken care of, and have some extra cash for the pain and suffering you experienced during the ordeal.  It is advisable, though, to have your attorney review the document and settlement letter before agreeing to it.


However, if you have sustained a serious injury, the insurance company pushing for a quick settlement is likely due to them not wanting to have to pay more money that you may be entitled to.  A personal injury lawyer will be able to consult with you initially at no cost to evaluate your case.  Laws from state to state differ and the personal injury attorney will be able to tell you what options you have available.  There may be restrictions on the amount of a settlement you can obtain or what you can sue for.  There may also be statute of limitations restrictions that you should be aware of.


Find an attorney who can handle your bicycle personal injury case by looking in your local telephone directory and on the Internet.  Find an attorney with a proven track record of successfully settling cases similar to yours.  You will be working closely with your attorney so it is important to find someone with whom you are comfortable.  A personal injury lawyer who is familiar with bicycle accident cases will be able to get you the best possible settlement.



What is the real value from personal injury from a car accident where you are not at fault?

personal injury
danea161616 asked:

My bills total around 3200 dollars including treatment and rental car. What is the settlement value from his insurance?

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What is a major personal injury law firm in Boston, Massachusetts?

personal injury
johnsonf62 asked:

Looking at different law firms in the Boston area to help with a personal injury case I have. The firms name, phone number, and website would be perfect.

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Approximately How Much Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

personal injury
ana asked:  

ankle ligiment tear scope surgery.prior to the surgery i have done about 8 mos of therapy and did not get better.had to have a surgery to repair torn ligament.will be on cruches for 6 weeks then start therapy all over again for approx. 4 months.hurt on job and want to get an idea about what the average settlement is.

What is the statue of limitations on a personal injury / medical malpractice case in California?

personal injury
PhiloftheFuture asked:

I was told that it is 4 years from the date of injury?
So is that the date that it happened, or the date that the injury from what happened set in ?

Also someone else said that, it is the above OR the date that you became aware of the event, or the injury ?

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How much do my personal injury worth?

personal injury
Alika asked:

I have $339,995.00 in medical expenses and $260,000.00 in lost wages. I still have hardwares on my body. I have visible scare tissue on my body. I have Chronic Pain. I have disfigurement. Pain and suffering from 6 different surgeries.
I was injured when 1850 lbs of equipment fell on me, breaking my left foot, right shoulder.

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Personal injury?

personal injury
mdjgirl7 asked:

I bumped a person with my car in a parking lot accidently. He did not fall down or anything and he said he thought he was going to be ok but he said I did hurt his knee some but he walked off just fine. We did not file a police report. He went to see his regular doctor now he is seeing a specialist. I am thinking his regular doctor did not see it and is sending him on to someone else. I think he is digging for money.
The injury he is claiming would have been very painful and he was so not hurt like that he did not even drop what he was carrying. What do I do to protect myself from a scammer? This happened in Alabama
I have contacted my insurance company the day it happened but he has not contacted them yet.
I do not mean to imply that it is not my fault nor would I ever give him money that is why I have insurance. I am just hate for somebody to take insurance money if they are not turly injured
I know my insurance will go up and for what because somebody wants to scam the system because they can that stinks I think.

Can they take a personal injury money settlement to pay chapter 13 bankruptcy?

personal injury
anikkie asked:

My father received a personal settlement but filed bankruptcy a year ago, received a personal settlement claim, can they take that money?

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Can anyone recommend a good personal injury lawyer in New York City?

personal injury
wrathpuppet asked:

I see ads for Mark E. Salamone and Morgan and a bunch of other lawyers on the subway, but I’m wondering if anyone has any information on how these guys and their ilk operate. Are they all talk or do they really get results?

So, how do I find the best personal injury lawyer in New York City?

I realize that this may belong in “local businesses,” but my experience has been that those categories are often ignored, and maybe here it will be seen by some actual lawyers.

Thank you.

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