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What is the real value from personal injury from a car accident where you are not at fault?

What is the real value from personal injury from a car accident where you are not at fault?

personal injury
danea161616 asked:

My bills total around 3200 dollars including treatment and rental car. What is the settlement value from his insurance?

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  1. Eagleflyer says:

    Future medicals, or the possibility of future medicals. A cause of action for negligence. Pain and suffering. Special and general damages — I would file in Superior Court which has a lower limit of $25,000. That will be the rock bottom figure for a settlement. A good lawyer can make it much higher.

  2. kat i says:

    My lawyer told me the settlement value should be approximately 3 times the amount of the monetary damage you have suffered. So for you, around $9,600. (That’s if you just settle with the insurance company, without a lawyer & without a law suit.) However, if there is some kind of permanent damage to your bodily health, you can get much more. You’ll probably need to file a law suit though.

    IF a law suit is required, be sure to do so within the 2-year statute of limitation! (At least that’s the IL rule.)

  3. Belinda P says:

    Insurance adjusters usually multiply your total damages from 1.5 to 5 times. They almost always start at the lowest amount. I do know that here in NC-you can also get the diminished value of your car from the damages it sustained if you request it within 30 days of the accident. Ask about it….Not many people know that. I sent an email to our insurance commissioner to make sure about that, and he confirmed it.
    Also, keep track of your mileage to and from your doctor’s appointments.

  4. John S says:

    It’s totally different for each case. You can see what the other company offers you and go from there. You could go for a free consultation at an attorney’s office and see what they think, but don’t expect much compensation unless you were really hurt bad or laid up for a long time.

  5. Chris says:

    It’s not about $, it’s about the injury and the treatment and the pain and suffering. I would say (and the rental car is not part of your injury claim) to expect an offer of around 6, maybe up to $7500 if you are dealing with a state where out of pocket meds or wages have to be considered. So that would include the 3200 (or the 3200 less your rental, because that’s paid out of the property damage). If you’re offered more or less than that don’t get mad at any of us, because you didn’t tell us anything about what happened to you or your treatment.

    Also, 3 times specials is what all attorneys hope to get and tell their clients, but that still means you get 66% of the settlement, which doesn’t make you better off. If you don’t have an attorney, don’t get one and don’t expect a big pay day

  6. CowboyBill says:

    $3,200.00 is peanuts. Don’t expect the lottery cause you ain’t gonna get one.

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