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Personal injury?

Personal injury?

personal injury
mdjgirl7 asked:

I bumped a person with my car in a parking lot accidently. He did not fall down or anything and he said he thought he was going to be ok but he said I did hurt his knee some but he walked off just fine. We did not file a police report. He went to see his regular doctor now he is seeing a specialist. I am thinking his regular doctor did not see it and is sending him on to someone else. I think he is digging for money.
The injury he is claiming would have been very painful and he was so not hurt like that he did not even drop what he was carrying. What do I do to protect myself from a scammer? This happened in Alabama
I have contacted my insurance company the day it happened but he has not contacted them yet.
I do not mean to imply that it is not my fault nor would I ever give him money that is why I have insurance. I am just hate for somebody to take insurance money if they are not turly injured
I know my insurance will go up and for what because somebody wants to scam the system because they can that stinks I think.

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  1. zuccasmom says:

    It sounds like it’s still your fault. For the record, always get a police report.

    Don’t worry too much about it, you have auto insurance for that.

  2. bikerchickjill says:

    Ask the owner of the parking lot if there is a security video available.

  3. Clevis D says:

    For God’s sake, call your insurer ASAP! They can head-off any pontential problems (and trust me, they are coming) with this situation.

  4. cameron greene says:

    the other guys right you have insurance for that do not give him any money, you might wanna tell your insurance about it and they will take care of it, either pay or investigate if needed thats why you have it, if you feel inclined you could contact a personal injury laywer and see what they say if he moves forward in the case

  5. keith_19798@yahoo.com says:

    he didn’t file a report it never happened

  6. T. R says:

    I don’t believe that you have too much to worry about here. Most personal injury attorneys will need solid evidence to prove a case. This man may only have a few visits to a specialist, but if there are so substantial injuries, a lawyer will have a hard time convincing a jury to give the man money. My guess is that after speaking with a lawyer, he will realize that the cost of a civil suit and legal fees will be higher than any punitive damages that a jury might incur. Furthermore, his insurance company will probably come after you for minor medical bills, but only if he has insurance and claimed the accident immediately.

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