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How much do my personal injury worth?

How much do my personal injury worth?

personal injury
Alika asked:

I have $339,995.00 in medical expenses and $260,000.00 in lost wages. I still have hardwares on my body. I have visible scare tissue on my body. I have Chronic Pain. I have disfigurement. Pain and suffering from 6 different surgeries.
I was injured when 1850 lbs of equipment fell on me, breaking my left foot, right shoulder.

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  1. Bentley G says:

    It depends on what area of the country you’re in, if in fact you’re in the US at all! If you want a ball park figure, take all your expenses and multiply them by 3. Pain and suffering would be either up to the Judge or Jury, and there really isn’t a formula for that.

  2. Dana A says:

    If liability for your injury is clear, the “rule of thumb” for personal injuries in the US is usually 3 times your medical expenses. Your lost wages might be added to that. Of course, your attorney will take a third or more of that as a contingency fee normally. In some cases you might also recover punitive damages.

  3. Pobept says:

    considering all the information you have provided I’m sure you should get ZERO dollars, you probably a fall down artiest, never had a real job, looking for a quick legal settlement so you can find your next victim

  4. hot slaw says:

    1.8 million

  5. bluedudete says:

    ow that would hurt lol

  6. yankeeman224 says:


  7. mensrea11 says:

    If it were me, I would put a $ amount on my medical bills, lost wages x3, and hope that the jury sympathizes because they can award punitive damages with NO LIMIT on the amount

  8. vicki613 says:

    I am a paralegal for a personal injury attorney in Texas. Many rules have changed over the years. You used to be able to take your medical and lost wages and multiply them by 3 to get a ball park figure on the worth of your case. Unfortunately, with the lawmakers we currently have elected into office, they lean more towards the insurance companies on these type of lawsuits. Another new “rule” is that they only pay what the medical expense ended up being. For example: Your hospital bill is $25,000.00, insurance paid $13,000.00 and the hospital wrote off $12,000.00. Then, the insurance company would only count the $13,000.00 that was actually paid for the medical expense. If you have tax returns to prove your loss of income you are in good shape because that can’t really be disputed. With medical bills and lost wages that high, you will probably end up going to trial. Good luck!

  9. Captain Flatulence says:

    It all depends how this injury happened. If this was a work injury, all medical expenses as well as loss of income are recoverable.

    If the injury was sustained in a way that no insurance company can be held responsible, your pain and injuries are worth nothing. No lawyer will take a case unless someone with deep pockets is paying the tab.

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