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I was attacked and wish to file a personal injury lawsuit. What is the proper x-ray/medical procedure?

I was attacked and wish to file a personal injury lawsuit. What is the proper x-ray/medical procedure?

personal injury
Jesse A asked:

Someone who almost hit me in traffic today followed me to work and, after a confrontation, forcefully shoved down on my shoulders from behind as I started to walk away, causing radiating back pain that has lasted several hours now.


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  1. swampy says:

    Lumbar Spine, for lower back pain, Thoraccic spine for mid to upper back bain and Sacrum/coccyx for tailbone area. Doctor will probably recommend xrays first then maybe CT if he cant find anything.

  2. raichasays says:

    Get proper medical care for your medical condition, without regard to the your legal position.

    Then, whatever that costs you, is your lawsuit.

  3. domino9065 says:

    go to the dr/er immediately and get the documentation of the event started. they will order x-rays for you. you have to have the documentation to prove injury.

  4. wastingtime says:

    Just go to the ER and keep your receipts. Then follow up with your primary care dr. on Monday or Tuesday. You should call the police also if assaulted.

  5. Robert says:

    Go to the doctor, either an ER or walk-in clinic. They will take down whatever you tell them occurred, so be aware that this will be your first “statement” for any future lawsuit, and that it must remain consistent. Then, you can keep following up with treatment while you speak with attorneys. What he did was called an “intentional tort,” specifically battery. You could be entitled to punitive damages, which means a jury could award you money simply for him being a jerk, in order to punish him for attacking you from behind. Plus, he would probably be on the hook for all your medicals, pain and suffering, etc.

    You could call the cops and tell them what happened. If he ended up pleading guilty to the crime of battery, that would definitely help your civil case. Best of luck.

  6. TedEx says:

    Shouldn’t your first concern be to call the police????

  7. Windy says:

    Did you call the police? Did you go to the hospital? If you waited for both the judge is going to want to know why. If you are having radiating pain, go and get seen. Did you get a license plate number? Did you go to work after? You are already talking about filing a lawsuit and you haven’t even been seen or made a police report.

  8. danny14551 says:

    Unless you called the police when it happened you will not be able to prove what happened.

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