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How much can I expect for my personal injury settlement?

How much can I expect for my personal injury settlement?

personal injury
lilmrsellis asked:

I was in a car accident (I was stopped and a girl hit me at full speed). I sustained a back injury. I had severe pain and have seen a chiropractor 3 times a week for one month and 2 times a week for one month. It is finally starting to get better (though there are certain ways I sit it still hurts). I was just wondering if anyone can tell me a rough idea of how much to expect in a settlement.

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  1. paul04009 says:

    after about 3 years, all medical will be paid for, and then u will get between 6 and 10 thousand

  2. cbdamstrom says:

    It will depend first on how much liability coverage the girl carried. For instance, in Iowa the minimum is 20/40/15 ($20,000 bodily injury per person, $40,000 for bodily injury (all people in the vehicle, and $15,000 for property damage). So, if her maximum is $20,000 that is the most you can get for doctor’s appointments, mileage to appointments, and pain & suffering. If the limits are higher, you can get more money. Also, if your own insurance policy has Uninsured/ Underinsured liability coverage you can sue your own policy for additional bills and suffering. Make sure you keep a record of all your doctor bills, lost work time, and mileage.
    After you are feeling better contact the insurance company if they haven’t called you yet. If they call before you’re ready to settle just tell them you are continuing to have problems and would they like to be direct-billed for your doctors’ visits. (This will make them nervous…) You don’t need a lawyer to settle. The rule of thumb is usually three times your medical bills for pain & suffering so if you’re still in pain, continue to get treatments. Make sure they are paying both doctor’s bills and puinitive damages prior to signing anything, including a check. Don’t be too eager to settle, your pain could continue for a while and you should have two years to settle the claim. Also, they will “low ball” you on how much the settlement should be. Stand firm with them, they are liable period.
    Good luck!

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