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How can I file a settlement on my own for my personal injury?

How can I file a settlement on my own for my personal injury?

personal injury
nadera24 asked:

I had a car accident on July 4th 2007, it wasnt my fault. I have been in pain ever since the accident and going through therapy once a week. I lost work for bout 3 weeks, I told my doctor to release me because I cant afford not to work. I want to know how I can get a claim from the other insurance company for my pain and suffering and loss wages without a laywer and getting what I deserve with my injury. And by the way my baby was with me when the accident happened and I was rear ended.

I need serious answers. email me at nadera24@yahoo.com. thanks.

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  1. la428282 says:

    OK…. well you arent thinking you won the lottery right? Good- thats the first step.

    File a claim with the at fault party. If they find their insured at fault, they will gladly pay your reasonable medical bills and lost wages.

    Now… “pain and suffering”…. if you got your medical bills paid.. and lost wages paid…. and your ARENT permanently injured.. your not going to get much. Afterall, that wouldnt be fair. “pain and suffering” is for people whos lives are permenantly changed forever. For example, a girl whos car caught on fire after an accident and her face melted off. I man who broke his back and cant walk forever. THOSE deserve big settlements.. your inconvenience does not deserve big figures.

    As long as you are reasonable… (dont listen to people who say 3 times medicals.. thats completely unrealistic) and understand that you will probably only get 500-1500 in “pain and suffering” you will be fine.

    Just dont get greedy. Its amazing how normal decent good people turn into monsters when it comes to bodily injury claims.

    Alot of people validate it that they “deserve” a big payoff b/c the other party should get “punished” for being so negligent. Yea, whatever.. whatever makes you feel better when you try to get your large sum of cash. They arent even getting punished.. there insurance is paying and raising everyones rates after. The law is for punishment….. not bodily injury settlements.

  2. bundysmom says:

    Here’s a serious answer:

    If you haven’t already done so you need to inform the at fault insurance company (as well as your own) of your injury. You will need to provide them with a signed medical authorization form as well as your employer & medical provider information (every doctor/DC/PT you’ve seen). Your medical records will need to reflect you were off work due to doctors (unless your injuries were obvious you couldn’t work).

    Like it or not, your settlement is based strictly on your medical records (your injury, the treatment you received, how long you treated)…NOT whether you were rearended, if your baby was with you, or if you went back to work b/c you had to earn a living. This has no bearing on the value of your claim.

  3. mbrcatz17 says:

    Has the adjuster from the other insurance company been in contact with you?

    You MIGHT not be eligible for anything at all, depending on what state you are in. Also, the other guy might not have had any insurance!

    If you DON’T want to hire an attorney, start by talking to YOUR AGENT, asking him about the state tort laws, and what the other guy is responsible for. Then you might have to sue the at fault party in small claims court to get the judgement, THEN you have to try to collect from them.

    OR you can file the claim with YOUR insurance, and let them chase after the other guy.

  4. Jifr says:


    First…..you did report the claim to the at fault person’s insurance company, right?

    If not – do it. Now. The more time passes the more red flags will be raised.

    If yes – hopefully they asked if you were injured. If not – it’s a REALLY good idea to let them know. I know that sounds ludicrous but I’ve handled claims where NO ONE knew someone was even in a car and injured until a week before the statue of limitations was about to run and suit was filed. You don’t have to end up in that situation but communication is key.

    So…if they know you’re injured…they’re going to need to know what your diagnosis was, how long you treated, what your medical expenses were, if you lost wages – you are going to have to provide documentation of how much you earn and show what you lost (even if you took vacation time while you were out of work). They will look at all that to come up with a damages amount. You are entitled to recoup those expenses related to and arising from the accident.

    Pain and suffering? Depends on your pain and suffering. If you had a non-invasive soft tissue injury…your P&S is going to be less than if you had a fractured skull. Kinda makes sense right? The adjuster will look at things like scarring (how old you are and what you do for a living makes a difference here), permanent partial disability ratings, length of treatment, accomodations you/your spouse had to make/take…..

    They take alllllll of that into consideration and come up with a value to make an offer. If you think that your claim is worth more than you are offered? Provide documentation to substantiate your claim.

    And communicate! You don’t need an attorney to do that for you. In this line of business, at that level, an attorney is merely a third person who gets in the way and gets 1/3 of your money. Kinda WAY not fair, huh?

    Hope you’re back to better soon and good luck!


  5. UCANTCME says:


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