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What is a personal injury case worth?

What is a personal injury case worth?

personal injury
tayannunn@sbcglobal.net asked:

I had an on the job injury and then a total knee replacement, because of it. What should a case like this be worth?

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  1. tbw says:

    Three dollars.

  2. hotbrunette_101 says:

    idk 2 tell u the truth

  3. ThinRedLine says:

    depends mate, Was it a acco or was it on purpose it depends Ring a solicter

  4. paper.tiger says:

    I’m going through a similar issue right now with a personal injury claim from an automobile accident. You should go to your local library and check out the book “How to Win Your Personal Injury Claim.” It’s very useful, and has a formula for calculating how much your claim is worth.

    However, if you claim is worth a significant amount of money, you definitely shouldn’t be handing it alone. Make sure to get a lawyer!

  5. mizzred says:

    was there any other reason for the injury to be so sever? if not you should get about $5000

  6. kritikos43 says:

    Depends on the kind of Person you are , what you are worth.

  7. rob4537216 says:

    You really need to talk to a lawyer in your local area. An injury in California may be worth more than one in Florida. You could try to get help here, but you would have to be more specific: Where, when, any details that are relevant.

  8. Show me the way, I'm lost. says:

    it really depends on the injury, but if it is serious call SAM BERNSTEIN he’ll get you the money you deserve

  9. Hiram_Esq says:

    Depends. First of all, you may have a workers’ compensation (WC) case, not a personal injury (PI) case. Also, the law varies from state to state. In WC cases, you generally only have to show that you had an on the job injury. In PI cases, you have to prove that it was someone else’s fault or something else’s fault. Also, in general, in WC cases, you get ZILCH for pain and suffering. Generally, you only get a portion of your wages IF you are disabled and, IF you have a permanent disability, you get some money. Also, if you cannot return to your job, some states provide for vocational rehabilitation. FILE YOUR CLAIM BEFORE THE STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS RUNS, OR YOU WILL RECEIVE ZERO DOCTORS AND ZERO MONEY. Good luck!

  10. hearkat says:

    The amount awarded will depend on the extent of the injury, the cost of the treatment (and projected costs), the impact on your life (e.g. time out of work, change in career due to inability to perform previous duties, or disability). As note by someone above, your best bet is to consult an attorney. ALL personal injury cases will have a FREE initial consultation, and typically, the only payment charged is a percentage of the final settlement (I forget what the terminology is). So shop around for a lawyer that you feel best fits your personality and values (get references, too!) Good luck!

  11. mnenado says:

    It depends on how strong your case is If your case is weak $102,295-$201,995 If your case is Medium $412,368-$567,979 and if its Strong $626,987-$945,689
    Weak-when a case has low credibilty weak defense and will get thrown out of court if the injury is not serious
    Medium- when the case regular crediblity for an avarge settlement
    Strong- Good Defense High Credibility for a high settlement
    Recomened Law Firm- Sager Goldberg & Associates 2200 Kings Highway Brooklyn,NY
    Please Note: The case also depends on the wealth of the company

  12. deankad says:

    The first thing you need to find out is what type of case you have. Many on the job injuries are covered by workers compensation. What I would do is, I would start calling attorney offices and give them a brief synopsis of what you are going through. Many times the receptionist will be able to tell you if they accept that type of case, and or they might be able to direct you where to go. If they tell you that they don’t accept that type of case then ask then who might. As far as workers compensation cases in California, the case is not worth what you have gone through. Good Luck!!!!!

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